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Code of Conduct

One Sure Insurance Ltd Code of Conduct

A message from our Managing Director.

Our Mission and Values 

Our understanding of conduct risk is, that it is the risk that our behaviour could result in poor outcomes for customers, whether such behaviour is born out of a failure of process, systems and controls or an inappropriate culture. Therefore, the requirement to demonstrate good conduct applies to all customer types, regardless of the product or service supplied and our staff play an integral part in this. Our code of conduct is compulsory for all of our employees to adhere to and to demonstrate our commitment to achieving this and ensuring that our customers are confident that we put them at the heart of our business, we are publishing our staff code of conduct, for you to see. 
1. Scope
The code of conduct applies to all Staff including any permanent and temporary employees, officers, directors (executive & non-executive) consultants, contractors, agency workers and anyone else undertaking work on behalf of or with the company. 
The code of conduct sets out the standards we expect and require all staff to work to, at all times, regardless of their role within the company. 
2. The Code of Conduct 
As staff of One Sure Insurance, we will:
  • Put customers at the heart of everything we do and always treat our customer fairly ensuring that customers have not just fair outcomes but good outcomes
  • Always pay due regard to the needs of vulnerable customers and treat them with respect 
  • Always communicate with our customers in a way that is clear, fair and not misleading 
  • Observe ethical walls and report/declare any conflicts of interest that compromise our ability to act in the best interest of customers
  • Collaborate with our colleagues to ensure that the company as a whole deliver’s good outcomes for customers, delivered in the best way for our business
  • Be open, honest and cooperative with our colleagues, managers and escalate risks and issues when identified 
  • Always endeavour to protect confidential, sensitive and personal information. If you suspect information is being mis-used, you must report it immediately
  • Always protect and safeguard our client’s money and assets 
  • Act with the utmost integrity in everything we do and carry out our duties with due care, skill and diligence at all times
  • Respect our colleagues, customers and third parties regardless of age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, race, religion, belief, or any other personal factors 
  • Comply with the company’s health and safety requirements and never compromise the health and safety of ourselves or other. 
  • Never participate in or conceal any form of criminal act, financial crime, fraud, bribery or corruption. If you suspect that other are participating in such activities or that you may have done you should report it to us
  • Always endeavour to act within the spirit and to the letter of the law and regulatory requirements in order to ensure that we all observe proper standards of market conduct. 
  • Always follow the standards set out in company policy and processes and where breaches occur, report them to your line manager and the Compliance Manager. 
3. Obligations for Compliance
We all have a personal responsibility for working to the standards expected within this code of conduct. If you for any reason do not understand what is expected of you or feel that you are not able to comply with any part of the code of conduct, please speak to the Compliance Manager.  
If at any time you feel that you are being asked to do anything that compromises your ability to meet the standards outlined in this code of conduct or If you know or suspect that anyone is acting in breach of the code of conduct you must report this. You can raise this with your line manager if you feel that this appropriate, alternatively you can discuss this with the Compliance Manager. 
You are also able to use the company’s Whistleblowing policy to report any concerns confidentially. 
Failure to comply with this code of conduct may result in disciplinary action.