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Temporary Car Insurance

Temporary car insurance is useful when you do not need an annual car insurance. Take for instance, when you drive your friend’s car, parent’s car or any vehicle not registered in your name for a period less than one month. Depending on the duration you plan to drive, you can opt for a 1-month car insurance to a one-day car insurance and anything in between.

Cheap temporary car insurance is calculated on a daily basis, so you pay only for the duration you actually drive a vehicle and not for an entire year. Such a short term car insurance can help when you are moving house, test driving a car, borrowing a vehicle for a weekend trip or even driving out of the country in your dad’s car. In fact, your temporary car insurance can begin immediately, if you need an instant cover.

Here at One Sure Insurance we deal with the top underwriters and can customise an affordable temporary car insurance quote to meet your exact requirements. Our team of experts will speak with you and understand your exact travel plans before formulating a cheap short term car insurance. We entertain weekend requests, pay-per-day and weekly car insurance needs. All you need to do is share a few details for us to find you a comprehensive temporary car insurance.

Short Term Car Insurance Covers We Offer

We provide cheap temporary car insurance for a varying number of days. You can pay for a single day, a week, weekend or even a month.

  • 24 Hour Car Insurance: An attractive temporary car insurance, you can get an instant cover on your friend’s vehicle or parent’s car for day’s road trip. Alternatively, if you are moving house and have borrowed your buddy’s car, a 24-hour insurance on his vehicle will have you covered against any road mishaps.
  • 1 Week Car Insurance: Suitable when you need a full week’s worth of cover on a vehicle not registered in your name. You can apply in advance for a one-week car insurance, and your cover will stay active from a future date until seven days after.
  • 1 Month Car Insurance: When you aren’t sure of the days you will be driving the car in a month, get a one-month car insurance. It is cheaper than an annual insurance and can be renewed for 24 hours or a week or even another month when it finally lapses.

You can purchase any of our temporary car insurance policies in just a few minutes and drive on the road legally. You get the option to decide between a post-dated policy or an instant cover, which we process the same day as your quote, updating the MID within the day.

Car Insurance Short Term Standard and Additional Covers

Typically a short term car insurance will only cover the named driver and is independent of any long term insurance currently active on the car. Such a temporary insurance may be a comprehensive plan or third party only. You decide the kind of cover you need and the duration you require it for. Additionally, we can arrange extra cover for the duration of your temporary car insurance such as:

  • Temporary breakdown cover and roadside assistance.
  • EU cover for driving in Europe (valid only on the UK registered vehicles that start and end their journey in the UK).
  • Optional add-ons are available for misfuelling, dents, scratches and alloy wheels.

What We Need From You

Anyone within the age group of 19 to 75 years with a current and valid driving license for at least one year can apply for a temporary car insurance. All we need are your personal details, driving license number and information on the vehicle.

Though we do not specifically require the consent of the vehicle owner, it is a good idea to inform the owner that you will be issuing a short term car insurance on his or her car. And if you already own a car, you can always purchase a cheap temporary car insurance separate from your existing annual insurance contract. You may want to do such a thing if you intend to swap with a friend behind the wheels on a long weekend drive, travel to Europe and need additional cover or go on week long vacations and wish to cover any road mishap that may not be a part of your annual insurance.

Are All Vehicles Covered?

All road legal vehicles having seven seats or less that have been registered in the UK (Excluding all imported vehicles, and heavily modified cars), Ireland or the Isle of Man with a market value currently below £60,000 qualify for such cheap short term car insurance. If you have modified your vehicle, you can still get a temporary car insurance albeit with a higher premium. To know more, give us a call and talk us through the modifications your vehicle currently has. Usually, if the modified vehicle qualifies for a standard car insurance, it should pass our underwriter’s car modification policies.

Temporary Car Insurance Is Not For Learners

To be eligible for a temporary car insurance, the driver must have a valid and full driving license for a period more than one year. If you are currently learning to drive, you need a Learner Driver Insurance. Unfortunately, you cannot apply for one-day car insurance or weekly car insurance when starting.

Such a short cover is a stop-gap solution for individuals who do not own a vehicle but need to use someone else’s car for a day, week or even several months. It can also be used when buying a new vehicle to transport it home - as well as many other situations. It includes students, professionals, travellers, friends and family members above the age of 19 with a valid drivers license.