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Mini Digger Insurance
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Mini Digger Insurance

One Sure Insurance has access to a unique set of insurance schemes, meaning we can provide mini digger insurance for companies and individuals alike. While some insurance brokers shy away from mini diggers, we have an appetite for such risks. Mini diggers fall under our special types insurance policy, and we pride ourselves on working with our clients to obtain cost effective and adequate insurance policies; giving you the complete peace of mind you need in today's fast paced business world.

Mini Diggers - Protect Your Assets With Insurance

One of the common concerns we hear from our clients is that they want to protect their mini diggers against accidental damage, fire and theft simply because of the high value of such vehicles. Unlike typical used cars, mini diggers can often cost tens of thousands of pounds simply due to their specialist nature. 

As an insurance broker, our trained mini digger insurance specialists are able to provide custom tailored advice individual to your needs and requirements. We are able to advise you on the benefits of the type of cover we offer, and which type of cover we feel is most suitable for your businesses requirements.

As brief guide, we typically offer three levels of cover for most special types vehicles like mini diggers. We are able to offer third party, third party fire & theft and comprehensive cover. These policies mostly work the same as a typical consumer policy (such as for a Car or a Van), and cover you against a variety of different scenarios; such as fire, theft, vandalism and accidental damage. In some cases, we can also cover mini diggers to operate on the road - which is useful if you need to transport goods for short distances using public roads.

Because mini diggers are a specialist area, we would heavily advise that you ring our trained insurance sales team to get a custom and bespoke quotation for your mini digger(s). We may be able to offer discounts on multiple policies, and pride ourselves on being extremely competitive.