Can I get motor trade insurance if I only trade part-time? 

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Whether you’re thinking about going part-time or taking steps to enter the industry to earn some extra money, this section is for you.

Can I get motor trade insurance if I only trade part-time? 

Yes, you need motor trade insurance even if you’re a part-time trader. Many car enthusiasts work as traders part-time, selling and buying cars alongside their main line of work.  For more information on who exactly needs this specialist insurance, read our guide: Who Needs Motor Trade Insurance?

Some insurers may offer policies tailored for part-time traders, considering factors such as the number of vehicles you handle and the specific activities you engage in.  

We’ve insured plenty of part-timers, so don’t worry. You don’t have to work full-time in the industry to get a policy from our insurers.  

I want to flip cars to earn some extra money. Does this mean I need motor trade insurance? 

Since car flippers are technically classed as part-time motor traders, you need motor trade insurance to cover your stock.  

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Do I need separate premises for my motor trade business? 

You don’t necessarily need separate premises. This is especially true if you operate as a part-time trader or conduct your motor trade business on a smaller scale. It is mostly common for businesses such as car sellers online or traders providing mobile repairs who would usually need combined cover For more information on combined cover, read our guide: ‘Motor Trade Combined For Premises’.

If you buy and sell vehicles, having adequate storage space for your stock is essential. It doesn’t have to be a separate business premises, but it should be secure and suitable for storing vehicles. 

If you need motor trade insurance with or without premises, just let us know. Your insurer will need to consider whether you have separate premises or operate from home, so it needs to be disclosed during the application process.  

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Does my policy still cover me if I’m away from home at the weekend? 

Depending on your policy, you can be insured if you’re going away only for a weekend.  

For most part-time traders working from home, policies will cover you at your home address, during a journey and where the vehicle is parked temporarily. 

However, if you wanted to park the vehicle elsewhere permanently, only third-party coverage could be applied in case of a claim. 

Part-Time Motor Trade Insurance at One Sure 

For part-time traders, finding tailored advice geared towards your niche can be tricky.  If you work part-time in the industry and need to get insured, call our team of insurance experts on 08001071260 to get covered today.

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