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Driving a cab is no easy feat. Whatever route you’ve chosen in your career, you’ll need insurance: from picking up customers at the taxi rank, working as an Uber driver, and taking on contract work for schools and colleges. Plus, when you spend the majority of your day on the road, having the right can mean the difference between losing and saving your business.

If you’re unsure about the type of taxi insurance you need, we’re happy to offer help and advice on the phone. Call us on 0800 081 6121 to talk to your team of experts about all things public and private hire insurance for taxis.

What insurance do I need for driving an Uber?

Uber drivers need private hire taxi insurance for hire and reward. Since Uber will not provide you with taxi insurance or additional coverage, we highly recommend that Uber drivers take out additional extras alongside taxi insurance.

Policies such as public liability, excess protection, legal expenses, 14-day vehicle replacement, and breakdown cover are just some of the extra cover we can provide you with.

Can I insure my taxis as part of a fleet?

Insuring your taxi as a fleet is sometimes a cheaper option if you own a taxi company with multiple cabs and drivers. A fleet insurance policy often has three or more vehicles under the same policy. This means that with so many cars under one policy, they all will be renewed on the same date.

If you’re interested in fleet insurance for taxis, call us on 0800 081 6121 to chat with our insurance experts. We can give you all the advice you need on insuring your taxi as a fleet and find hire and reward insurance policies.

Optional Extras

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  • Legal Protection

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Cover Options

Our insurers can cover you for:
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    Legal responsibility for the injury or death of a third party and your passengers.

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    Loss or damage to personal belongings in your car as a result of a fire, lightning, explosion, theft or attempted theft.

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    Depending on your policy, the replacement of broken windscreens or glass.

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    Equipment cover can include damage to your radio and meter.

What's not included:
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    Taxis driven by individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not covered.

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    Coverage does not extend to unlocked and unattended taxis that have not been properly secured.

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    Coverage is not provided when the taxi is being driven by someone who is disqualified from driving or has never held a driving licence.

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*Take out an insurance policy with One-Sure Insurance, and if you find a cheaper Insurance quotation within 48 hours, subject to written proof being received that the Insurance quotation is on a like-for-like basis, we will cancel the Insurance policy and issue you with a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between public and private hire taxis?

Public hire taxis, also known as ‘hackney carriages’ or ‘black cabs’, do not accept pre-planned trips. Anyone can hail a public hire cab from the street or a taxi rank. There is no need to call in advance as the cost of the trip is measured by the meter. The price of a journey in a public hire cab can vary depending on the time spent in the cab, and the distance travelled.

In contrast, private hire taxis are pre-booked in advance for a specific journey or route, and the fare is agreed upon in advance based on the distance. Taxi services via mobile apps, such as Uber, are also classed as private hire.

Why do taxis need special insurance?

Since your vehicle is driven for commercial reasons, you’ll face different risks than a standard driver. This is why your taxi will need special insurance tailored to your profession. 

Cabs are on the road for long periods, cover more miles than regular cars, and transport the public from place to place. All of these factors will increase the risks faced by taxi drivers like you and the likelihood of something unexpected interrupting your work. 

For example, if an accident were to occur, a taxi driver would have to consider their own health and safety, that of their passengers, and any other third-party involved. Not having the correct specialist taxi insurance without comprehensive cover or public liability coverage could create even more financial difficulties if a passenger pursues a compensation claim.

Additionally, damage to the taxi itself could affect your ability to work while waiting for your cab to be fixed. Insurance for private and public hire cabs will usually have the option for additional coverage for things such as replacement vehicles in the event of an accident, fire or damage.

Does Uber provide drivers with taxi insurance?

Uber will not provide you with private hire taxi insurance when you start work, so your car and passengers will not be covered immediately.

We can help you to find Uber-approved taxi insurance, so you can start driving for Uber and taking bookings as soon as possible.

Chat with our friendly team on 0800 081 6121 to find out how much you can save on Uber taxi insurance and the policy you need to get fully covered.

How much does taxi insurance cost? 

How much your taxi insurance will cost depends on your driving experience, the size of your cab, annual mileage, the level of coverage you need and whether you have a no-claims discount.

Our team are happy to advise on the public and private hire insurance you need. Find out how much your taxi insurance will cost and call us on 0800 081 6121 for a free quote. 

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