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†Our cheapest scooter insurance policy sold this year was just £64.
Scooter Insurance
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Scooter Insurance

If you are looking for a great deal on your scooter insurance, then look no further. We cover a wide range of scooters from the sports, the rev and go, and the geared, including popular makes such as the Aprilia and the Piaggio. We use 30 of the best UK scooter specialist insurers, to ensure that you get the absolute cheapest scooter insurance policy on the market. We will always strive to get you the best scooter insurance deal without compromising on quality.

Types of Scooter / Moped Insurance we provide:

  • Third party only - This is the most basic level of cover available and covers you for third party death and third party property damage.
  • Third party fire and theft - This covers all of the above plus fire and theft cover.
  • Comprehensive - This insurance covers all of the above plus accidental damage to your vehicle. Comprehensive insurance is the most popular type for scooters and mopeds.

Why Scooter Insurance Is A Necessity

Scooters are considered a high risk valuable, due to the fact that they can be easily stolen. It's an unfortunate fact that scooters are stolen in the UK each and everyday. Not only is insurance on scooters a legal requirement - but it's also a necessity in terms of protecting your investment.

Our scooter insurance rates are extremely affordable - because we compare the market for you. We have access to many of the UK's leading moped insurers and underwriters - meaning we can shop around for you. We are often able to work with our insurance partners to provide specialist quotes based on your individual circumstances, risk level and living arrangements.

What Type Of Insurance Does A Scooter Need?

The absolute minimum level of cover you can have is third party only insurance. Third party only will not cover you in the event that your bike is set on fire, or stolen. This level of cover will also not cover accidental damage (such as writing off your moped if you were to blame). Third party only cover for scooters and mopeds simply covers any damage you may cause to any other persons or property.

Because scooters are a high risk vehicle, we often advise our customers to look into getting third party, fire and theft cover as a minimum. This level of cover will pay out in the event that your scooter is stolen, or is set on fire. From our own experience, we have found that Scooters are targeted frequently by criminals as they are lightweight, easily transportable and typically don't have advanced security features.

The majority of our Scooter insurance policies include Third Party, Fire and Theft - which gives you complete peace of mind should your Scooter or Moped ever be stolen. Having the right insurance policy takes a weight off your shoulders - knowing that you're covered whatever happens in the future.

Why choose One Sure Insurance for your Scooter Insurance?

  • We have access to over 30 different Scooter and Moped Insurance underwriters. By comparing dozens of insurers, we can offer you an extremely competitive quotation.
  • Because we work with an array of different insurers, we are able to provide you with a policy that suits your individual needs. We can work with drivers who have previous convictions and claims, as well as those who have high value Scooters / Mopeds.
  • We offer a dedicated UK customer service team, and 24-hour accident helpline.
  • We can offer competitively priced added extras - such as helmet cover, leather cover, and uninsured loss recovery. These extras can be added to your policy.
  • We offer monthly installments at a low APR representative. We can offer a Scooter insurance policy spread out over 9-months, or 10-months, with an affordable deposit.

One Sure Insurance has a dedicated team of sales advisers who know the scooter and moped insurance industry very well. We are able to work with you to help you reduce your insurance premiums, while working with our insurers to offer you the most comprehensive moped insurance policies. Some of the specialist insurance policies we offer include 50cc Scooter insurance, Honda Scooter Insurance and Vespa Scooter Insurance - although we are happy to provide a quotation for any make and model.

Below are a few policy extras that you that you may need:

  • If you have more than one bike, we can offer a multi bike insurance policy which will save you time and money. We can bundle several scooters or mopeds together and usually offer discounts on your scooter insurance policy.
  • We can offer an agreed value on your classic bike where possible.
  • Pillion cover - This allows you to carry passengers on the back of your scooter or moped (a full motorcycle or scooter licence is required).

† This price reflects the cheapest policy we have sold this year (2022), based on ideal risk circumstances, and may not be representative of the price you'll be quoted for your insurance policy and/or risk level.