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If you drive a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) as part of a business or drive your own lorry for work, HGV insurance is what you’re looking for. Ensuring you have the right cover in place will not only protect your livelihood but give you peace of mind during your shift. 

If you’re unsure about which cover to choose for your HGV or want to know more, our team of insurance experts can help. Call us on 0800 912 0157 to chat with our friendly team and get a free HGV insurance quote today.

What is the difference between HGV and LGV?

The abbreviation HGV stands for a heavy goods vehicle. Sometimes you may see the term LGV which refers to a large goods vehicle, which is a subcategory of HGVs.

However, there are some subtle differences between these two types of vehicles. An HGV has a gross vehicle weight of over 7.5 tonnes, while an LGV transports products between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes.

In short, whether your vehicle is an LGV or an HGV, your insurance coverage will be from an HGV policy.

Can I get HGV insurance that covers hazardous goods?

If you’re transporting chemicals, pesticides, gases and waste, you will most certainly need a significantly higher amount of insurance coverage than an average HGV driver.

Due to risk, many insurers will not provide cover for hazardous goods that are flammable, explosive, radioactive, toxic, or corrosive.

However, our team can find specialist HGV insurers that cover hazardous goods. Call us on 0800 912 0157 to speak to one of our insurance experts, who will guide you through all the coverage you need.


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*Take out an insurance policy with One-Sure Insurance, and if you find a cheaper Insurance quotation within 48 hours, subject to written proof being received that the Insurance quotation is on a like-for-like basis, we will cancel the Insurance policy and issue you with a full refund.

How much does HGV insurance cost?

Prices start from £394.30** per year

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**This price reflects the cheapest policy we have sold this year (2022), based on ideal risk circumstances, and may not be representative of the price you'll be quoted for your insurance policy and/or risk level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What licence do I need to operate an HGV?

HGV operators with vehicles over 7.5 metric tonnes must have a class C+E commercial driving licence.

If you passed your car driving test before 1st January 1997, we have good news: you can drive a category C1 vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes without further testing.

However, those who have passed on or after 1st January 1997 will only be able to drive a category B vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes.

What is an O licence?

An O licence is an operator’s license for businesses that use HGVs and proves that your company has the correct safety standards and regulations in place to use a HGV vehicle for work. This type of licence is a legal requirement for businesses with HGVs in operation. A restricted licence is all you need if you carry your own goods within the UK.

However, things get a bit more complicated if you want to transport goods for hire and reward or take them outside the UK. If you carry goods for hire and reward within the UK only, a standard national licence will be all you need. However, to transport goods across Europe, it’s essential to opt for a standard international licence which is essentially the same licence but for international use.

Suppose you want to broaden your horizons and carry goods further afield in the EU, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland after you’ve received a standard international licence. In that case, you can get a single permit called a UK Licence For The Community. Wherever you transport your goods and whatever licence you have, we will help to find the right HGV insurance policy to suit your business.

Alongside your licence, you may need a green card as proof of valid insurance when driving abroad. Find out more in our guide: How To Get A Green Card For Driving Abroad.

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