How Do I Renew My Insurance?

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Find out when exactly you should renew your insurance and how to get the ball rolling here.

Main Points:

  • Your insurance will automatically renew when your policy expires.
  • One Sure will contact you 21 days before your renewal date with your options.
  • Automatic renewals can be cancelled. 
  • Many policyholders prefer to shop around instead of renewing automatically.
  • As an insurance broker, we can compare insurance quotes for you.
  • We’ll also be able to advise on the coverage you need and simplify jargon. 

How do I renew my insurance?

To renew your insurance, contact our dedicated renewals team on 0800 107 1266. 

With us, you can discuss your coverage changes and any excess and no-claims bonuses. 

We’ll ensure your insurance continues to meet your needs. If it doesn’t, we’ll compare quotes to shop around for your new policy.

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What details do I need to provide when I renew my insurance?

Our renewals team will ask all the right questions to ensure your renewal process goes as smoothly as possible. 

We do advise that you have the following information ready before hopping on a call with us to discuss renewing your policy:

  • Your full name, date of birth, and contact details.
  • Your customer reference number.
  • Your policy number and its renewal date.
  • Whether you have motoring convictions or have accrued any licence points.
  • Any details on claims you’ve made.
  • Details about your vehicle, such as make, model, mileage, and if it has had any modifications. 
  • Information about additional drivers on the current policy or if you want to add more. 
  • Keep in mind whether you’d like to renew your policy, find a new one, or change to a different type of insurance.
  • Your payment details.

What is the renewal process in insurance?

Before the policy’s expiration date, we will send you a renewal notice. This will arrive roughly 21 days before the renewal date and features the exact policy renewal date, premium amount, and any changes in coverage or terms. 

The renewal process will differ depending on how you paid and whether you’ve opted for an autorenewal. We always recommend that you carefully review the renewal notice. Checking your cover will give you the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments or changes to the policy. 

For policyholders who paid their premium as a lump sum last year, the newer premium would need to be paid for before your renewal. Seven days before renewal, the full premium for the renewed policy is taken from the card you used to pay in the previous year.  

If you paid by direct debit in the previous year, you won’t be liable to pay anything until your policy has been renewed. 

Full instructions on your renewal options will be tailored to your renewal letter. 

When is the best time to renew my insurance?

It’s usually more cost-effective to keep an eye on the date and renew your insurance early. 

As a rule of thumb, we recommend renewing your insurance two to four weeks (around 15 to 29 days) before your policy’s renewal date.

What are the benefits of renewing my insurance early?

Renewing early ensures that you’re always covered. If you wait until the last minute and your policy expires before renewal, you may have a gap in coverage, leaving you unprotected in case of an unexpected event.

As a consequence, allowing your insurance to lapse can lead to higher premiums in the future. Insurers often view lapses as a sign of a higher risk factor, resulting in increased costs when you decide to reinstate coverage. What’s more, you can possibly save on your premium if you renew early as, depending on the market, some insurers may offer an early bird discount.

Plus, if you’re planning changes in your coverage or need additional types of insurance, an early renewal can give you plenty of time to reflect on your options. It also allows our team to implement the changes and talk them over with you to make sure you have everything you need.

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Is it more expensive to let my insurance renew automatically?

Allowing your insurance to renew automatically might result in higher premiums. To ensure you’re not out of pocket due to a higher insurance premium, we always recommend shopping around. 

Actively shopping around for a quote can help you find a more cost-effective policy and save you money. However, it’s always important to fully understand the intricate differences between policies and the small print. 

That’s where qualified insurance brokers like us come in handy. Not only can our insurance experts do all the hard work comparing quotes for you, but we’ll also simplify any jargon and solve your queries.

How do I stop an automatic insurance renewal?

It’s vital that you reach out to our team before the renewal date if you don’t want the policy to continue automatically.

 As soon as you receive notification from us that your insurance is due to be renewed, contact us. Our team will be able to compare policies and quotes to find you the highest quality cover at the lowest prices available.

Call our dedicated renewal team on 01782 900973 if you want to cancel or shop around for another policy. 

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Can an insurer refuse to renew my insurance?

Insurers have the legal right to refuse to renew your insurance policy under certain circumstances. While they are generally required to offer renewal to existing policyholders, there are exceptions and conditions that may allow them to decline renewal. 

Your insurer can refuse to renew your policy as a result of the following:

  • Late or missed premium payments.
  • Misleading information provided by you upon application.
  • Changes of circumstances that result in an elevated level of risk exceeding the cover.
  • A history of excessive or large claims. 
  • Fraudulent activity.
  • Breaches of policy terms and conditions.

Renew your insurance at One Sure

Whether you’re looking to renew a motor trader policy, HGV insurance or a non-wheels-based policy, such as home or travel insurance, we can get you covered. 

Our renewals team ensure that your insurance suits your circumstances. This will involve making those essential policy adjustments and making sure you have everything you need in your cover. 

And if your policy can’t be modified? We can track down a new insurance policy for you at an affordable price. Call us on 0800 107 1266 to start your insurance renewal process today with tailored advice from our insurance experts.

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