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Every business is different. Whether you buy and sell vehicles part-time or operate MOT services from your own premises, it’s vital that you have the proper protection if the unexpected happens during your working day.

At One Sure, we’ve been insuring motor traders since 2006. We understand the industry inside out. You can rest assured that we’ll go the extra mile to find you the best policies to suit your business at the most competitive prices on the market.

Searching for information about the Motor Insurance Database (MID)? Read our articles on How To Update the MID and What Is The Motor Insurance Database.

Types of Motor Trade Policies

With so many insurance policies on the market, how do you know which is right for you? We offer the following types of cover: 

Road Risk-Only Insurance 

Road risk insurance is the minimum level of legally required insurance coverage.  

Depending on the level of coverage you choose, ​it will cover for loss and damages to a third-party‘s vehicle.

If you opt for a higher level cover to include your vehicles and your customers’ cars, you can be covered against additional potential risks encountered while conducting business on public roads.

It will also allow you to add and remove vehicles from the Motor Insurance Database (MID), which helps to ensure that you’re legally insured.  

Road risk-only policies are particularly popular among businesses that buy, sell and trade vehicles from their own homes. However, you can still purchase it if you work on separate premises. 

What road risk cover can I choose from?

The three tiers of cover under a Road Risk-Only policy are :

  • Third-party is the most basic level of cover you should have. It covers you against injury and death caused to a third party and damage to said person’s property by any vehicle listed on the policy in connection with your business.
  • Third-Party Fire and Theft Third-Party Fire and Theft encompasses all of the above, ​along with cover for damages caused to your customers’ vehicles in the event of a fire, accident, or theft of vehicles connected to your business.
  • Comprehensive insurance covers all of the above, including accidental damage and if you sustain a personal injury. Some policies will also include vandalism and windscreen cover, but this can vary depending on the insurer you choose.
  • Combined insurance is the most extensive policy on the market. The protection offered by combined depends on the type of coverage your business needs.

Optional Extras

  • Legal Protection

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  • Tools Cover

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  • Breakdown

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  • Excess Protection

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Cover Options

Our insurers can cover you for:
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    Third-party, fire, and theft policies include compensation for loss or damage to your vehicle caused by fire, lightning, explosion, theft, or attempted theft.

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    Depending on your policy, coverage may extend to vehicle accessories and in-vehicle equipment.

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    Optional coverage for car sellers to provide demonstration purposes.

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    Your legal responsibilities for the death or injury of any person resulting from an accident involving an insured vehicle.

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    Your legal liability for damage to property owned by another person arising from an accident involving an insured vehicle.

What's not included:
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    Loss or damage is not covered when an insured vehicle is parked, kept on, adjacent to, or within a specified radius of any motor trade premises.

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    Unlocked and unattended vehicles that have not been properly secured are excluded from coverage.

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    Loss or damage to the ignition, entry, or immobilisation key(s) if they have been left inside or on your vehicle.

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    Vehicles driven by individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not covered.

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    Coverage is not provided when your vehicle is being driven by someone who is disqualified from driving or has never held a driving licence.

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    Depreciation, general wear and tear, including damage to your tyres and brakes, are not covered.

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    As one of the UK's leading motor trade insurance brokers, we will find the right policy to suit your business and vehicle with the help of a handful of trusted underwriters.

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    If you need to change your policy, our friendly team is only a phone call away and happy to help.

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    You’ll be in safe hands with our dedicated renewal team. We pride ourselves on always being up-to-date on the latest offers and best motor trade insurance rates.

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    Policies From Just £50.40** Per Month

    Our insurance experts will always find you the lowest price possible on the correct cover. However, if you send proof you’ve found a cheaper like-for-like quote in 48 hours? It’s money-back guaranteed.*

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*Take out an insurance policy with One-Sure Insurance, and if you find a cheaper Insurance quotation within 48 hours, subject to written proof being received that the Insurance quotation is on a like-for-like basis, we will cancel the Insurance policy and issue you with a full refund.

How much is motor trade Insurance?

Prices start from £50.40** per month

Get your quotes in minutes – prices are guaranteed for 30 days.

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** Price of £50.40 per month is based on an average Motor Trade policy that we source, which has an annual premium of £504 per year. When spread over 9 monthly instalments, the price payable is a deposit of £126, followed by 9 monthly instalments of £50.40 - bringing the total policy price to £579.60. Not all customers will receive a premium of £504 per year, as this is based on your unique circumstances. Factors such as postcode, no claims bonus, years of trading experience and others will affect the total insurance premium. Please note that our finance partner charges interest to spread your payments over instalments, and this will cause you to pay more for your policy overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive my own car on a trader's policy?

With this type of policy, you can drive you’re own car and also the cars that you’re working with.

However, there are exclusions to the types of cars you can drive on this policy. These restrictions can vary but usually, they include luxury, executive or high-powered vehicles.

Can anyone have traders' car insurance?

This type of insurance is only suitable for people who work with vehicles for profit.

If you’re looking to insure your personal vehicle and you do not sell or repair cars, then you would not qualify for this particular road risk policy.

How do I prove to my insurer that I am a legitimate motor trader?

As trader’s insurance is specifically aimed at covering businesses, proof that you are a legitimate business is essential. Our insurance underwriters will only cover traders with a financial interest in the industry, as well as both experienced and new traders.

Luckily, proving that you are an active and genuine trader for profit is quite simple. 

Simply keeping a record of anything will show insurers that your business is active. Insurers will generally accept the following as proof:

  •  Invoices and receipts of vehicles sold or repair services carried out.
  • Advertisements – both online and in print.
  • Tax forms.
  • Registration documents.
  • Business memberships and proof of a professional bank account.

Additionally, if you are a car seller, you must prove your business’ motor trade activity by providing details about turnover and the number of vehicles sold along with receipts.

We recommend that you do not send your evidence in the post as these documents may become lost. 

Create digital copies by scanning or taking photographs of your documents, then save them in a folder ready to email them to your insurer. When chatting with one of our insurance experts on the phone, we can guide you through the process of sending over all the evidence needed.

Do I need motor trade insurance even if I run my business at home?

If you fix other people’s vehicles or sell cars to make a profit, you need at least  Third-Party cover – whether you run your business at home or elsewhere.

Even though this is the minimum legal requirement, we highly recommend that sellers running their businesses from homes consider a comprehensive or combined motor trade policy. From liability insurance to policies that protect your cash on-site, your cover can be tailored to suit your business.

Are there any restrictions on the types of vehicles covered under a motor trade policy?

Restrictions on the types of vehicles covered will vary depending on the type of motor trader insurance policy you’ve chosen and the insurer.

Usually, these restrictions cover imported cars or models of very high value and performance. Even if your vehicles don’t fit the usual criteria for some policies, we will find any existing policies that will suit your vehicle.

What is MID, and why do I need to update it?

The Motor Insurance Database (MID) is a register of all vehicles insured and shows the identity of the relevant insurer.

You must keep the MID up to date concerning vehicles you own or those that are likely to be in your custody. Additionally, you will need to notify the MID when you no longer have these vehicles.

MID updates can include:

  • Vehicles that you use for social, domestic and pleasure.
  • Any vehicle used as part of your business.
  • Trade plates.

It is a legal requirement for policyholders to supply accurate and timely MID updates. If a trader’s car does not show up as being insured on the MID, they could be stopped by the police, receive a penalty fine, and even have their vehicle impounded. 


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