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For delivery drivers transporting parcels and goods for profit, courier insurance is necessary for your van. As couriers, you will spend longer on the road than a standard driver. This means you will need specialist insurance that protects your van during your working day.

What does courier insurance cover?

The main types of courier van insurance cover are:

  • Third-Party Only is the most basic level of cover against injury and death caused to a third party and damage to said person’s property by the vehicle listed on the policy.
  • Third-Party, Fire and Theft encompass all of the above, along with cover for damages caused by fire, or theft of vehicles connected to your business.
  • Comprehensive courier insurance covers all of the above, including accidental damage and personal injury. Some policies will also include vandalism and windscreen cover, but this can vary depending on the insurer you choose.

Does courier insurance include goods in transit insurance?

It’s easy to see why courier insurance is often confused with goods in transit insurance. Both self-employed and couriers employed as part of a business often purchase goods in transit cover alongside their courier insurance policy.

Goods in transit is a policy that couriers need to cover only the parcels and belongings that delivery drivers carry between drop-off zones on multiple, short journeys. 

In contrast, courier insurance does not cover the actual goods transported but your van and a third party’s vehicle. This is why we highly recommend couriers take our additional coverage, such as public liability and goods in transit insurance.

Optional Extras

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Cover Options

Our insurers can cover you for:
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    Legal liability for injuries or fatalities to a third party.

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    Compensation for loss or damage to personal belongings inside your car caused by fire, lightning, explosion, theft, or attempted theft.

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    Coverage for damages or injuries resulting from an accident.

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    Depending on your policy, the provision for replacing broken windscreens or glass.

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    Provision of replacement vehicles if you are unable to use your own vehicle due to a breakdown or accident.

What's not included:
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    Incidents where you or any other authorised driver are under the influence of drugs during an accident.

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    Theft-related loss or damage when the car has been left unlocked or with the keys left inside or on the vehicle.

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    Repairs or replacements that result in your insured vehicle being in a better condition than before the loss or damage occurred.

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    Loss, damage, or liability arising from solidification, spillage, leakage, or incorrect delivery.

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    Gradual wear and tear over time due to insufficient maintenance

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    Loss or damage deliberately caused by you, an employee, or a business partner.

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*Take out an insurance policy with One-Sure Insurance, and if you find a cheaper Insurance quotation within 48 hours, subject to written proof being received that the Insurance quotation is on a like-for-like basis, we will cancel the Insurance policy and issue you with a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is courier van insurance so expensive?

Various factors will make your courier insurance for your van slightly more than your standard car insurance. 

In general, as a courier, you will spend longer on the road than the average driver, which means the risk posed to your vehicle is much higher. This will quickly increase your van’s annual mileage too, making your vehicle more vulnerable to wear and tear.

Where you conduct your business and the number of drops per day will also influence your courier insurance quote. For example, if your business radius is within an area with a higher crime rate, then the risk posed to your vehicle will be significantly higher than average.

Even though courier insurance will cost slightly more than a standard van or car insurance, the peace of mind from this protection is priceless.

What happens if I work as a courier without courier insurance in place?

If a courier works without purchasing a courier insurance policy, they would be classed legally as driving without any insurance and could be fined by the police. The consequences of this type of offence are extremely serious.

Driving without the correct type of insurance, whether intentional or unintentional, will be viewed by the law as being as just bad as having no cover. The fixed penalty fine for driving without insurance is £300, and six penalty points on your licence. However, if the case is carried further to court, the fine could be unlimited, and you could be banned from driving. Worse still, your vehicle may even be impounded or destroyed.

That’s not all. If you are involved in an accident during your shift and do not have the correct insurance, you would need to pay for any damages to​goods, your own van, and someone else’s vehicle. Additionally, if another party pursues legal action against you as an uninsured driver, you would not have any cover to assist with legal fees and fines.

As a result, your insurer might cancel or void the policy in place, which would make insurers hesitate to accept your application for cover in future.

How much is courier insurance?

The cost of your courier insurance for your van will vary depending on your insurance provider’s policies. Our friendly team of insurance experts can do all the hard work for you to compare quotes and find policies tailored to you.

Discover how much your courier insurance will cost by calling our team on 0800 078 7690 for a free quote. 

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