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Convicted Driver Car Insurance
The UK's cheapest convicted driver policies - or your money back!*
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  • All Motoring Convictions Covered!
  • Affordable Monthly Instalments!
  • Drink Driving - No Problem!
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Call for our best price: 0800 081 6064 or Mobile Friendly: 0333 111 1348

Convicted Driver Car Insurance

One Sure Insurance is a specialist car insurance broker with access to private car schemes for convicted drivers. We are able to cover the majority of convictions and are often able to shop the market and secure affordable car insurance policies for you. We can even cover serious offences such as Drink Driving, and Driving while Uninsured - and can offer discounts for good driving (such as no claims bonus) where applicable.

Even if you've been turned down by other brokers and insurers, we are confident that we can help!

Convictions We Can Cover:

  • DR10
  • DR30
  • IN10
  • MS90
  • TT99

... and many more.. Just give us a call!

Our team of trained specialist advisers understand the complexities of each conviction - and we work with you to obtain the cheapest car insurance policy possible. We are often able to work directly with the underwriters to explain unique circumstances, which gives you preferential rates. As a broker, we pride ourselves on securing the absolute cheapest insurance guaranteed* for our clients. Whatever your circumstances, we can refer your individual risk to underwriters for a manual quote - giving you a personalised and tailor-made quote suited to your circumstances.

We cover the vast majority of driving license convictions, as well as criminal convictions, and are able to work directly with our insurance partners to establish preferential rates where other brokers may shy away from the risk.

Convicted Driver Car Insurance - We're Your Cheapest Option

We live and breathe our company motto - "Britain's Cheapest Or Your Money Back*". 

As a client of One Sure Insurance, you'll benefit from our industry leading price promise. If you manage to find a cheaper like-for-like quotation, then we'll issue you with a 100% refund on the price you paid. That's how confident we are in our convicted driver car insurance. Ready to save? Give us a call today!

There are some big benefits of using One Sure Insurance to secure your insurance policy, for instance:

  • We can get quotes from both brokers and direct car insurance providers.
  • We can shop the market and access specialist convicted insurance schemes that other brokers can't.
  • Our trained specialist sales advisers will work with you to put together a tailor made quotation.
  • We have access to schemes and policies that aren't available to the general public.
  • Pay in full, or over affordable monthly installments - you decide!

We've been in business for just over 10-years, and like to believe that we deliver an unrivaled level of service to our clients. We pride ourselves on our high standards of customer service, and after-sales support. We have built systems to make your life easier - such as our customer self service centre - giving you peace of mind that your documents have been securely sent to us and processed. Our customers think we're doing a pretty good job too - just read our reviews on to find out more.

Types of Motor Insurance For Convicted Drivers

  • Third Party Only - This is the most basic level of cover available and covers you for third party death and third party property damage
  • Third Party Fire and Theft - This covers all of the above plus fire and theft cover and miscellaneous damage of your vehicle (subject to policy conditions)
  • Comprehensive - This insurance covers both of the above plus accidental damage to your vehicle. In addition, a limited amount of contents cover is also available on some policies

Motoring Convictions That We Can Cover

We can cover the following motoring convictions in the majority of circumstances, although we will need to speak with you to clarify some details:

AC10, AC20, AC30, BA10, BA30, BA40, BA60, CD10, CD20, CD30, CD40, CD50, CD60, CD70, CD80, CD90, CU10, CU20, CU30, CU40, CU50, CU80, DD10, DD40, DD60, DD80, DD90, DR10, DR20, DR30, DR31, DR61, DR40, DR50, DR60, DR70, DG10, DG60, DR80, DG40, DR90, IN10, LC20, LC30, LC40, LC50, MS10, MS20, MS30, MS50, MS60, MS70, MS80, MS90, MW10, PC10, PC20, PC30, SP10, SP20, SP30, SP40, SP50, TS10, TS20, TS30, TS40, TS50, TS60, TS70, UT50, TT99, MR09, MR19, MR29, MR39, MR49, MR59