How To Save Money On Your Car Insurance

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When it comes to car insurance, even the smallest steps can result in big savings on your premium. Here, we’ll share our simple tips on how you may be able to lower your premium.

Car insurance is a legal necessity, yet up to 43% of people have admitted cancelling their policy due to mounting costs. With 63% of drivers opting to find cheaper policies, many drivers may even reduce the extent of their coverage to cut costs.

You shouldn’t need to compromise on your policy to get a cheaper premium. As an insurance broker, we’re passionate about giving our customers the best quality cover at an affordable price point. 

With so many looking to reduce their outgoings, our insurance experts have shared their six money-saving tips:

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Shop Around For Car Insurance

With some premiums increasing by as much as 20%, it might be time to change your insurance. Shopping around for any type of policy – whether it is car insurance, road risk cover or van insurance – will ensure you can get the best coverage at a competitive price. 

If comparison shopping seems overwhelming, why not contact an insurance broker? Comparing prices with an insurance broker will make the process a breeze as they do all the hard work to find the policies for you and will explain any legal jargon clearly. 

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Renew Your Policy At The Right Time

Renewing your policy in advance can make a huge difference to your insurance quote. We recommend that customers comparison shop once a year, approximately 20 to 26 days before their policy renewal date, to find the appropriate cover at an affordable price. That way, you can secure the quoted price long before your renewal date. 

When obtaining new quotes, some insurers give early bird customers a discount for shopping early but will not offer the same price for those who leave it until the last minute. Remember, the longer you leave your car insurance renewal, the higher your price could be! 

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Maintain Your No Claims Discount

If you’re an experienced driver who has spent years collecting No Claims Discounts, we have good news: your premium can be reduced yearly. 

As the discount will increase each year you have driven without making a claim, many drivers who have managed to go five or more years without claiming have significantly benefitted from as much as a 60% discount. 

The maximum No Claims Discount that insurers usually offer is 70%. However, this will vary depending on your insurance provider and policy. If in doubt, it’s always best to double-check your policy or call your insurer for more information. 

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Invest in a Dashcam

Dashcams are small gadgets that can make a huge difference. Insurers analyse the potential risks that could result in a claim to determine a car insurance premium. Any steps you take as a driver to minimise the risk posed on the road can make a difference to your premium.  

Installing a dashcam will prove to your insurer that you are a conscientious driver and save them time in case of a claim. In most cases, the footage recorded from a dashcam can help determine who was at fault in the event of an accident.

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Install a Black Box

Going the extra mile to prove to your insurer that you are a safe, responsible driver on the road will always be to your advantage. 

Installing a black box to monitor your driving habits and even finding a new black box insurance policy can help ease the strain on your wallet.

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Be Selective About Modifications

It’s well known that modifications usually increase your premium. However, if your modifications aim to improve road safety, they may save you money. 

Safety adjustments to your vehicle, such as autonomous braking and airbags, are just a few ways to ensure you’re safer on the road.

Insurance at One Sure

Why go through the hassle of finding car insurance when we can do everything for you? Thanks to our long-standing ties with quality insurers, we’ll save you time and money by giving you the most competitive insurance quotes. Start the ball rolling and call us on 08003777390 to get insured today.

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