How To Prove & Protect Your No Claims Bonus. 

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Find out what a no claims bonus is, along with how to prove and protect it.

Main Points: 

  • Your no claims bonus (NCB) is a discount awarded for zero claims. 
  • The maximum discount available varies between insurers. 
  • You can accumulate between one and nine years of NCBs.  
  • Without insurance, you can keep it for around two years. 
  • Some insurers can allow you to ‘protect’ or move your NCB. 
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How do I get proof of a no claims bonus? 

When you switch insurers, you may need to submit proof of your NCB to ensure you receive the appropriate discount on your new policy.  

You can find your no claims bones on your statement of fact. This document will be sent to you with our renewal notice. Please note, this is not proof of your NCB.  

A no claims bonus letter is the only legitimate proof of how many claim-free years you have acquired. This letter will only be issued after your policy has ended. 

If you can’t find your NCB letter, don’t worry. Contact us on to request a copy of your NCB letter. To process your request, we require details such as your policy and customer reference numbers, so be sure to have those ready before calling. 

How do I keep a no claims bonus without a car? 

Ideally, you’ll want to stay insured to keep your NCB. However, if a change in circumstances means you’ll be without a car for a certain period, it’s understandable you’d want to keep your NCB.  

Understanding your insurer’s terms regarding how long your NCB remains valid without active coverage is essential, as this will vary. However, remaining as the main policyholder and keeping any proof of your NCB years are the best steps to take to preserve it.  

Is it worth protecting a no claims bonus? 

Protecting your no claims bonus can be worth it if you have gathered many claim-free years and want to safeguard it against potential future claims.  

It can prevent your insurance premium from rising significantly after a claim. However, it’s essential to weigh up the cost of NCB protection against potential savings and consider your specific driving history and needs before deciding if it’s worthwhile. 

What happens if I don’t protect my no claims bonus? 

If you don’t protect your no claims bonus (NCB) and make a claim on your car insurance, your NCB can be reduced or reset to zero, depending on your insurer’s NCB step back procedure.  

As a result, you may lose the discount on your insurance premium that you’ve earned for being claim-free. This can lead to higher premiums when you renew your policy. Protecting your NCB helps prevent this reduction and keeps your discount intact after a claim. 

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What is a no claims bonus? 

A no-claims bonus is a reward given to you as a car insurance policyholder if you manage to not make a claim on your insurance in a year.  

It’s a way for insurers to incentivise safe and responsible driving while reducing the cost of premiums. 

How does a no claims bonus work? 

Since a no claims bonus rewards you for each year you manage to go without making a claim, it translates into a discount on your premium upon renewing your policy. 

The more consecutive claim-free years you accumulate for a year or more, the greater the discount on your premium.  

When switching policies, you can often transfer your NCB to a new insurer, ensuring you still benefit from the discount. 

Some policies offer NCB protection, allowing you to make a small number of claims without losing your entire bonus. This can help safeguard your discount in case of accidents. 

How many years of no claims bonus can you have? 

You can typically accumulate your no claims discounts over several years. Usually, this is up to a maximum of around five to nine years, depending on the insurer.  

Once you reach this limit, you won’t earn any additional NCB, but you’ll continue to enjoy the maximum discount. 

What is a protected no claims bonus on car insurance? 

When you have a protected no claims bonus, it means that even if you make a certain number of claims within a specific period (usually one or two claims), your accumulated NCB years won’t be reduced.  

This will ensure your NCB remains unaffected by a limited number of claims, allowing you to receive discounts on your insurance premiums when you renew your policy. While your NCB stays protected, your insurance premium might not increase due to the claims.  

Other factors, such as the nature of the claims and the insurer’s policies, could still impact the overall cost of your premium. Understanding the terms and conditions of the protection offered by your insurance provider before opting for a protected NCB is essential. 

How long does a no claims bonus last? 

An NCB usually remains valid up to two years without insurance. However, if you renew your policy within this time, your NCB is generally still valid.  

If you don’t have insurance for more than two years, you may lose your NCB, which might reset to zero when you get a new policy.  

We always advise keeping any proof of your no claims bonus in a safe place, as you’ll need it when switching insurers to secure your discount. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you are struggling to find proof of your no claims bonus or have any questions about your policy. Our customer care team are always available to offer support, just call 01782880140.

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