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At One Sure we aim to meet our three core philosophies:

Great Choice – We aim to provide our customers with a solution to all their insurance needs be it car, home or travel insurance all the way to complex commercial risks. Not only do we have an exceptional range of products to offer our clients we also search over 40 of the UK’s top insurers and providers to get you the best deal possible.

Great Prices - As each risk we place is looked at individually by one of our expert insurance advisors, we are able to generate discounts from our insurer partners based on your own individual circumstances and merits. This means that we are often able to offer rates much cheaper than that provided by on-line companies and comparison sites where it’s very much a one size fits all approach.

Great Service - This is key to our operation, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service levels, whether that be by providing expert advice when you are looking at which polices and insurers are best suited to your needs or once you become an existing customer, which is when we believe it is the true test of how good a Company really is. We operate a dedicated customer service team and a 24 hour 365 day claims facility.

Who is One Sure Insurance™?

Since One Sure was set up as an independently owned Insurance Broker’s back in 2005 we have become one of the fastest growing and indeed now one of the largest British, privately owned insurance broker’s in the UK. Our success has been achieved by embracing technology to help deliver a faster more efficient service to our customers but equally important it’s down to the comprehensive knowledge, professionalism and commitment of our staff that are all based here in the UK.

We offer a range of insurance policies tailored to meet the needs of our customers. Our most popular lines are Car Insurance, Van Insurance, Motorbike Insurance, Scooter Insurance, Motor Trade Insurance and Home Insurance. We also have great rates on HGV Insurance.

Would I be better off going to a Comparison site?

If your main objective is to get a cuddly toy of a speaking Rodent type creature with a Russian accent, then yes by all means buy your insurance policy from one of these sites. However, if you would rather purchase an insurance policy that provides the right cover at the right price then you have found the right place. All joking aside Comparison sites certainly have their place, but by their very nature they are what is classed by the regulator (FCA) as none advised sales, which means they are unable to provide you with any advice so they merely provide you with a price, its then up to you to research the small print to ensure you are aware of the full charges applicable and any exclusions or terms that may apply to the policy. So whilst the initial price may seem competitive at first glance there can often be hidden charges that apply that you may be unaware of if you have not spent time going through the finer details of any terms and conditions that apply. At One Sure all of our advisors are authorised by the regulator to not only provide you with a price but to also give you advice on all aspects of the policy so that you know exactly what you are getting before you take out your policy.

Would I be better off going direct to an Insurer?

There is a chain thought that thinks that by going direct to an insurer you are cutting out the middle man and therefore it must be cheaper. This is not the case, the problem with going direct to just 1 insurer is that they all tend to have their niche areas of people they like to cover based on things such as age, area and the type of car you drive. If you don’t fit their niche sweet spots you will often end up paying well over the odds. By coming to us we deal with over 40 insurers and product providers and therefore we have a wide choice of insurers to find you the best price and cover to suit your needs. In addition to this many of our insurer partners don’t deal direct with the general public and therefore unless you went via a broker you wouldn’t be able to get a quote from them direct.