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What Is The Motor Insurance Database?

Thomas Walker

Head of New Business

If you’re a new motor trader, you’re going to need to get to grips with the Motor Insurance Database. Here we’ll explain the basics of the database and the importance of updating it.

Main Points:

  • The MID is the Motor Insurance Database.
  • It holds details about insured vehicles on the road.
  • Motor traders must update the MID frequently with their cars and trade plates.
  • Failing to do so could result in your car appearing ‘uninsured’ to the authorities. 
  • You can update the MID via our own One Sure MID portal.
  • Or you can use your insurer’s own MID update tool. 
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What does the MID stand for in insurance?

MID is an abbreviation of the ‘Motor Insurance Database’. It’s very common and much quicker for traders and insurance professionals to call the Motor Insurance Database ‘the MID’. 

Discover how you can add vehicles and trade plates to the MID in our guide: How To Update The Motor Insurance Database.

What is the motor insurance database?

The MID is a database that holds information about insured vehicles. This tool is used by the government, the police, and the insurance industry to monitor and enforce motor insurance regulations.

The system is used by police during traffic stops to spot if a vehicle has valid insurance. Insurance brokers and insurers will often use the MID to combat potential insurance fraud. 

What does the motor insurance database show?

The MID hosts information on every vehicle with a valid insurance policy. It tells the relevant authorities if a car is insured and will offer details on the type of policy the driver has insured it with. 

For example, if you have a combined motor trade policy, the MID will be able to let the relevant authorities know that not only are you insured, but you have more coverage than a standard road risk-only policy.

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Why is it important to update the mid?

Since insurance is a legal requirement, the MID is critical to ensure all vehicles are properly insured.

When an accident occurs, having current insurance details on the MID streamlines the claims process. It allows insurers to quickly verify coverage, assess liability, and process claims faster, providing timely assistance to policyholders.

The MID is also essential for motor traders who buy or sell vehicles and hold various customer cars in their care. If a vehicle is not on the database or has outdated information, it may be mistakenly considered uninsured, leading to potential legal consequences for your business.

However, the benefits and importance of keeping the database updated go even further. It’s a little-known fact that an accurate MID helps in the fight against insurance fraud. Insurance companies can use it to cross-reference information and identify instances of fraudulent claims or suspicious activity that can be a red flag that someone is cheating the system. 

How often is the motor insurance database updated?

The MID is designed to be continuously updated to provide accurate and up-to-date information about insured vehicles. This ensures that the database reflects a motor insurance policy’s current status and that it is accurate, with little room for error. 

Which vehicles need to go on the MID?

All vehicles insured on your trader policy and owned trade plates should be added to the database. 

This includes any permanent vehicles (e.g. those registered to, leased or owned by you) and any temporary vehicles held for more than 14 days.

Who updates the motor insurance database?

As a motor trader, it is your responsibility to update the MID. You must update the database when a new vehicle is in your custody – essentially, this will be whenever you buy or sell one. 

You should update the MID immediately when you have a new vehicle, but if you can’t, for whatever reason, don’t worry.  The general period of time you have to update the database is within 14 days of purchase or sale.

How long does the motor insurance database take to update?

The database usually updates overnight, but delays can happen. If you don’t appear on the MID within 48 hours of your update, please call us on 01782 880140. Our friendly team can investigate why you might not appear on the database and take the right steps to solve the issue.

How long do I have to add a vehicle to the mid?

You should immediately update the database when you buy, sell or have a vehicle in your care. However, the timeframe within which to do this is usually within 14 days. 

How does the MID help to catch uninsured drivers?

Since the MID holds details of insured vehicles, it can be checked regularly by the authorities to determine if a vehicle is insured. It can also tell the police whether a policy has been bought or cancelled or whether the policyholder has not kept up the payments. 

Alongside checking databases, the police also use Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras. These handy gadgets can read and reference number plates with the MID updates.

When an uninsured vehicle passes one of these cameras, the police are alerted, and the vehicle can be stopped. If the details of your vehicles are not up to date, your vehicle could be seized, even if you have a UK motor traders insurance policy.

What happens if a vehicle is uninsured?

If your car is uninsured and you are caught driving on public roads, you may face many legal consequences. 

These can include a £300 fixed penalty notice, six penalty points on your licence, and your vehicle could be seized and possibly destroyed. You might even need to pay a fine to release your car from being impounded.

Being caught without insurance will also mean that insurers view you as a higher risk – making it harder to get a policy in the future. And when you finally get insured, your premium will undoubtedly be higher than before due to this offence. 

When should I update my motor trade insurance policy with my MID details?

You should update your details on the motor insurance database immediately. It should, therefore be done as soon as possible.

How often is the motor insurance database updated?

Usually, the database will be updated within 48 hours.

If you’re insured but not showing up on the MID after this period, don’t panic! Please get in touch with us immediately by calling 01782 880140. We will conduct a thorough investigation to identify the issue.

For customers insured with Eridge and UKIS using a separate portal, kindly contact your insurer directly for any MID-related inquiries or updates.

Motor trade policies at One Sure Insurance

Whether you’re an experienced trader or a newbie to the industry, we’ll be able to help with any MID queries and find you the cover you need for your work. 

From valeters insurance to specialist insurance for mechanics and more, our team of experts will compare quotes and cover, so you don’t have to. Contact us on 0800 377 7390 for a free quote or call 0800 107 1266 for advice on renewing your policy.

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