One Sure Urges Brits To Check Travel Advice Before Jetting Off

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Understandably, we all want to jet off to sunnier destinations as we emerge from the throes of winter.

In this article, we’ll dive into how to check if a destination is safe and how this may affect your travel insurance policy.

UK residents made 28.3 million visits abroad in the final quarter of 2023, and holidays were the most popular reason for foreign travel.

This reason isn’t surprising when you consider that 46% of Brits prefer holidays abroad to the UK. However, global events and politics can create uncertainty about how safe a holiday destination is.

To avoid a hellish holiday experience,  it is essential to double-check the travel safety guidance by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) before you jet off.

How do I check if a country is safe to travel to?

The official FCDO travel advice website lists hundreds of countries with a round-up of the information you need to make a decision before travelling abroad.

This information can include practical visa entry requirements for British citizens and whether or not they’re safe to travel to. Above all, it outlines any region-specific risks tourists face and the correct emergency services numbers for that country. The political situation in that country is also clearly stated to ensure that tourists like you can make an informed decision about the risk factors before departure.

What do the FCDO do?

The FCDO is a government department with many responsibilities. It primarily promotes the UK’s interests overseas, supports British citizens abroad, and manages the country’s international development assistance. 

It is crucial in helping Brits make informed decisions when travelling. The department is most commonly known for its travel advice, updates on safety abroad and information for British citizens travelling abroad.

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What is FCDO travel advice?

FCDO travel advice is the guidance on how safe it is for British tourists to travel to a particular destination.

Which countries are on the UK red list?

The list of countries on the ‘red list’ that are unsafe for Brits to visit can change quickly—in fact, it can even change while you’re already on holiday. 

To find out the most up-to-date information, head to the FCDO travel advice website directly and search for the country you want to learn about.

Does travel insurance still cover me if the FCDO travel advice changes about my destination while I’m abroad?

Getting the right travel insurance policy and researching a destination are the keys to avoiding a dangerous situation. Having the correct coverage suitable for your destination can often mean the difference between facing a hefty bill or being stuck in an unstable environment.

However, even after doing all of the research and checks, there is still a small possibility that the advice can change during your holiday.

If you’re already on your trip and the FCDO changes the advice regarding the country you’re in, we advise you to contact your insurer immediately. 

Ultimately, whether or not you’re covered will depend on your policy. However, many insurers provide policies that cover holidaymakers who need to cut a trip short in order to follow safety advice correctly.

Can I get travel insurance against FCDO advice?

If you go against FCDO advice and wish to visit a country considered unsafe for British travellers, most insurers will not cover you due to the high-risk factor. 

Always check your policy terms and conditions to ensure the coverage level you need for your trip.

Some insurance policies may have specific conditions, and a refusal to follow official FCDO travel advice can break the terms of your coverage.

This means you would be unable to make a claim, leaving you with potentially high financial costs. What’s more, it can leave you in danger of being unable to access essential services due to the expense.

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Travel Insurance at One Sure Insurance

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