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Minibus Van Insurance

Drive A Minibus For Hire or Reward? Relax We Have You Covered!

Is your minibus used by a charity, club, group or school? Unless it is used for purely private purposes, a minibus falls under the classification of vans and therefore requires specialized van insurance. Don’t worry though, because here at One Sure Insurance we work hard to bring the most competitive hassle-free van insurance so you can concentrate on your trade without any distractions.

We understand just how difficult it can be finding cheap and affordable minibus insurance quotes. In fact, just figuring out whether your minibus qualifies for van insurance or not can in itself be a daunting task. Let us make this easier for you – “If you run your minibus on hire or for rewards then you need a van insurance”.

Of course, there are other criteria too that you need to be aware of. For instance, the number of seats in the vehicle and its classification as per Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

How To Find Out If Your Vehicle Is A Minibus

To start with, all manufacturers are required to provide some form of categorization for their vehicles before they even make it to the market. Based on this classification, underwriters then make up their own guidelines on how to treat the exact vehicles in question.

If you own a regular saloon, hatchback or an estate then you need not worry and you are in the wrong section. Head down over to One Sure Car Insurance section. By the way, such vehicles are classified as M1 vehicles or in other words all cars are M1 category passenger carriers.

Minivans and MPVs – We Cover It All

This is where most of the confusion happens. Depending on the classification of the manufacturer, it can either be a family vehicle or a commercial vehicle. If the manufacturer decides that the vehicle is for commuting, pleasure, domestic or even social use – never to be used for commercial or business purposes – it falls under the car classification and should be insured as such. However, if it is a 4x4 jeep or a double-cab or even a pick-up then the classification becomes van – regardless of the interiors, intended use or otherwise. Basically, all dual purpose vehicles must be covered under van insurance.

In simple terms, it is the key traits that determine the categorization of the vehicle. Easy way to do the distinction though is to simply look at the features. Does it come with sprung seats, carpets, windows and so on. However, do keep in mind that any vehicle that is based on a van derivate is deemed as a van itself and thus needs van insurance.

In fact, if you look at your V5 log book, under the vehicle category on line J it clearly states your vehicle’s classification. M1 for cars, M2 for minibus and thus minibus insurance and finally N1 or N2 for vans.

Nine People or More

Finally, if your vehicle can sit more than nine persons at once but no more than 16 then it is deemed as a minibus and you need our specialized van insurance policy. Even family vehicles that can sit more than nine need such kind of insurance because the liability is much higher if any incident did occur on the road. By the way, if your vehicle can accommodate more than 16 persons or is a trailer then it falls squarely under the coach segment.

Do You Need Our Specialized Van Insurance for Minibus?

To summarize, if your vehicle is not classified as M1, sits more than nine persons at once including the driver or used for commercial purpose such as rentals and for your hire business then you need our specialized van insurance for minibus.