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An Urgent Appeal To Contact St Nick

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Santa. Not only is Christmas just around the corner, but it’s also time for St Nicholas to renew his policies.

The best time to do this is 20 to 26 days before the renewal date for a lower premium.
This means that Santa needs to get a merry move on to renew his insurance quickly. That’s why we’re spreading the word far and wide, hoping Kris Kringle will see our urgent appeal.

To ensure Santa knows what he needs to renew, we’ve been making our list (and checking it twice) of his policies. We’ve even calculated the real cost of Christmas by tracking down quotes for his premiums.

Read below to discover the types of policies it takes to make Christmas run smoothly.

HGV Insurance

Delivering presents to 500 million households in 42 hours is a mammoth task. The prep begins well in advance, with plenty of hauliers working to transport everything.

HGV insurance will ensure that his heavy goods vehicles, like his Coca-Cola truck, will be covered in case of accidents, theft, and damage.

To calculate St. Nick’s HGV insurance quote, we need a few more details from the Holly Jolly fellow himself. If you’re reading this Santa, contact us!

Courier Insurance

Santa is arguably the most famous delivery driver on the planet, so he will need a courier policy.

This type of policy is exclusively for delivery drivers transporting goods for ‘hire and reward’. Courier insurance will only cover his van between drop-off points.


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Goods In Transit Insurance

Presents are one of the many highlights of Christmas. To ensure everyone has a special something under the tree, Father Christmas will be travelling 160,000,000km. While we hope he has a smooth trip, there will undoubtedly be a few bumpy moments.

That’s where goods in transit insurance come in. Santa needs this policy to protect any presents in the event of an accident between the drop-off zones.

Santa’s estimated quote would need to be based on the presents he is transporting. Based on our research, Kris Kringle’s goods are estimated to be worth around a whopping £158,000,000,000 (without gift wrapping). 

Employers’ & Public Liability Insurance

Let’s not forget about the hard work of all of Santa’s elves at Christmas. Santa has a workforce of roughly 110,000 elves, ensuring everything is built, packaged, and running smoothly. However, accidents can happen, even if you’re working at Santa’s workshop.

That’s why he urgently needs to renew his liability insurance. Businesses with employees must have employer liability insurance covering at least £5 million.

And for his helpers working as Santas nationwide? They’ll need professional liability insurance to play Kris Kringle. 

We need St Nick to confirm the exact number of elves working for him to calculate a quote. However, rumour has it that Santa has a workforce of approximately 110,000.


Fleet Insurance

Running a workshop and delivering gifts across the world is a big operation. It takes trucks, plant machinery, and tons of specialist equipment – all of which will need insurance.

Fleet insurance can be very cost-effective for businesses and organisations with more than three vehicles. A fleet of vehicles is all under one policy, which saves time on admin and money on the premium.

We need more information from Father Christmas on his location and vehicles to calculate a quote. Santa, if you’re reading and unsure of how to get in touch, read our guide: How Do I Contact You?

Commercial Buildings Insurance

Santa’s grotto and workshop are the ultimate winter wonderlands. And with his headquarters being based at the North Pole, the building will no doubt have to withstand the harsh weather conditions.

With commercial building coverage, Santa will have peace of mind that should the building become damaged due to a storm or another insurable event, it can be patched up as soon as possible.

To calculate a commercial buildings insurance quote, we need to know the value of St Nick’s premises. Numerous sources estimate that his workshop could be worth approximately $1.15 million – roughly £916,147.50.


Travel Insurance

It’s hard work being Santa. He needs a break after spending all year prepping for the big day, training to complete each drop-off in just 0.0003 seconds. We recommend that Santa takes the plunge and buys that all-inclusive resort stay that Mrs Claus has hinted about.

Along with their luxury holiday package, they’ll need travel insurance to cover any lost luggage, cancellations and medical emergencies.


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