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For luxury homes and expensive possessions, an ordinary home insurance policy just won’t cut it. That’s why you need high net-worth home insurance, and high-value contents cover to protect the luxuries you’ve worked hard for.

At One Sure, we have plenty of experience with customers, like you, who need a niche home insurance policy to fit your circumstances. We understand how much your property investment and its contents are worth, which is why we work with insurers offering significantly higher coverage for luxury properties.

Why is it important to insure high-value items with contents insurance?

High-value items like expensive jewellery, artwork, electronic devices, and designer clothing are more vulnerable to damage and theft. If such items are damaged, lost, or stolen, the cost of replacing or repairing them can be substantial. By insuring these items, you can soften the financial impact overall of finding a replacement or repairing them.

When it comes to high-value possessions, not everything can be replaced or repaired. The types of belongings commonly covered by high-value home insurance usually carry an emotional value. Many people choose to insure their family heirlooms and gifts from loved ones. Losing such items can be emotionally and financially devastating. 

Contents insurance can provide a sense of reassurance by compensating you for the financial value of these items. While it may not replace the sentimental value of the time, it can help you to recover financially and move forward.

Will my home’s contents and valuables be covered outside of my home?

Some home contents insurance policies may provide coverage for your belongings when you bring them with you outside of your home regularly. Normally, this type of coverage is called ‘personal possessions’ or ‘belongings’ cover. Usually, this type of policy includes cover for smartphones, tablets, jewellery, watches, or cameras.

However, for high-net-worth homeowners, some belongings will be extremely rare and valuable. Home insurance that’s specifically tailored to high-value content usually focuses on fine art, collectables, couture fashion, high-end designer clothing, fine jewellery, and ‘water crafts’ such as boats and jet skis.

Some policies may include coverage for these types of valuables if you intend to rent them out to tenants or the public. This cover is only for the objects listed on your policy and does not relate to public liability coverage should someone be injured as a result of using your belongings. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between general contents and valuables?

On your policy, you will notice that your insurer mentions ‘general contents’ and ‘valuables’ as two separate categories. 

General contents usually mean items that you use daily. These can range from clothing and bedding to televisions, furniture and computers. 

On the other hand, valuables have a higher value and usually have a sentimental value attached to them. A good example of a valuable would be jewellery, watches, artwork, and unique collections such as stamps or coins.

What is not covered by home contents insurance?

Home contents insurance provides coverage for a wide range of risks. However, there are certain exclusions to be aware of. 

Home contents insurance usually cannot cover the following: 

  • Wear and tear
  • Maintenance-related issues such as mould, leaking pipes, and subsidence.
  • Gradual damage
  • Commercial or business-related items
  • Acts of war or terrorism
How much is high net worth home insurance?

The cost of your premium for high net worth home and contents insurance will depend on the value of your property and belongings.

Find out how much your home and contents insurance for high-value homes costs today and call us on 0800 107 0947.

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